Dustin Schultz

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Do you even read text on websites?

I don’t usually, but incase you do, I should probably have something here.
Someone once said, ‘The world doesn’t need more teachers, it needs more encouragers’. What if the messages we shared and the insight we provided was truly to help other people become great? I love that idea, because if I can do that then my legacy on this earth will last much longer than I do.

So be crazy, be creative, be strategic, and ask good questions!

I’m a guy, a guy with a beautiful wife, a guy made in the image of a mind boggling creator. If you have this whole world figured out, your world is too small. If you have run out of questions, you haven’t run far enough. If you can wrap your mind around God, you’ve constructed him in your mind. So, this is me; I love to do and you can see that as you scroll down, but more importantly I’m focused on simply ‘being’. How are ‘being’ today?

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A Few Things I Do.

I’m a constant dreamer. A classic ‘Type 7’ on enneagram. Having a website like this is just as much about sharing the things that I’m doing as it is keeping them straight in my mind. Below are the businesses, projects, & products that this dreaming mind has made.

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This would be what you call my ‘bread & butter’. Union is a video production company creating content for companies in the insurance, healthcare, and financial space. Based in Connecticut, this has been my main business since 2011.

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Curing Creativity

Curing Creativity is a podcast about business & creativity with a splash of spiritual conversation in the mix.

Creative businesses can be difficult to run and need a shot of structure to reach the next level, and in other words 'be cured'. On the other hand, businesses not in the creative space could use a shot of creativity to achieve their full potential. This is creative, business, spiritually. We are whole people who's lives are a mix of being, doing, and believing. This podcast keeps all three together.

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Launching & Growing a Creative Business

So, after 7 years of running Union I realized I had something to share! Launching & Growing is an online e-course about starting a creative business company. Everything from budgeting the business to building a team. If there was one thing I wish I could find when I first started out, it would be a course like this!

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Messy* is a podcast about living life as a follower of Jesus. I grew up in a conservative church; things were black and white (but basically white, if ya get me), but relationships aren’t black and white. Ravi Zacharias says it well, “Let my people think!”. This podcast dives into the topics that have made my mind work, and my journey of realizing when to turn my mind off. Intrigued?

So, what does it mean to stay in touch?

If you’re interested in content around Curing Creativity, Action, and Messy*, this is the sign up here! The mailing list is the #1 way I keep in touch with things that are going on. So, give it a try, it’s worth it.

Plus, if you’re not a fan you can always… who are we kidding, you will be.

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