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The Practical Course for Starting & Growing a Video Production Company.



You already have the skills for video production and you’ve maybe started to get paid for the work your doing, that’s amazing. I remember being at that place.

There were so many resources for how to improve my skills; editing techniques, filming techniques, even pre-production, and interview conducting tips, but what I could not find was someone to teach me how to; run this type of business, budget for growth, get the type of clients I dreamed of, and create a video production company that was a financial success.

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Everything I wish I knew.

Over the years I hired multiple consultants, took trainings, and more, but always had to retranslate them for the video production space.

Not anymore! I’ve put everything I’ve learned about running a successful video production company. This is everything I wish I knew when I started my company! These are the tips, processes, and strategies that have allowed me to grow my company and work with amazing clients.


What people are saying.

“Dustin is both wise and creatively creative. And he is funny while being incredibly engaging in sharing that wisdom and creativity with others. Working with Dustin has sparked our own creativity and brought our business a new depth of vision and direction.”

- Brad Coleman, Coleman Studios

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Course Contents


10 Video Lessons

On screen and in person! The core course content is a library of video lessons covering;

  • Budgeting Projects for Profit

  • Budgeting your Business for Growth

  • Branding & Positioning

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Client Management & Interaction

  • Business Assessment

  • Pitching & Winning Projects

  • Developing Creative Growth

  • & more

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multiple templates

You’ll receive my current templates for;

  • "New Project” Form

  • Project Budgets

  • Proposals

  • Pitchs

  • Call Sheets

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