They Say Humanity Sells

I've been told there are two types of great sales people, those that are amateurs and those that are masters, and everyone else in between isn't that great. So what makes amateurs actually great sales people? Their humanity. 

When an amateur sales person is talking to a prospect, they can't help but mess up because they're learning. These mistakes are exactly what helps them close a sale because without knowing it they've humanized themselves. Typically the prospect feels sympathy and unknowingly steps in to help the bumbling sales person close deal and the sale is complete. 

Tips for Selling

Whether the above is entirely true or not I can't say I'm totally sure, but I do know that there is something special about simply being human when it comes to selling.  Share personal details about your life and ask things about the prospect you are talking to.

What if we thought of sales beyond an interaction, but instead as a relationship, or dare I say, a friendship? People buy emotionally, but people also buy relationally. Everyone is looking for connection, to be valued, to be heard, and to be encouraged.

What if you made a goal to leave someone better than you found them and if they end up buying what you're selling at the same time, great!