Mexico: Traveling w/ Sony RX10 II

travel filmmaking

Traveling is beautiful and you see so many things that you want to film, but because of that, as a filmmaker sometimes vacation can become exhausting. What camera to bring, filters, lenses, etc. You can suddenly feel like you're producing your vacation. 

Song RX10 II

To make things short and sweet, I was excited to find this little gem of a camera that has really helped me grab shots that I otherwise might not have taken the time to get. Here are some quick specs;

4K video, up to 960fps (but I wouldn't recommend it), built in ND filter, S-Log profile, 24-200mm built in lens, and an adjustable monitor. There are also lots of other bells and whistles, but that gives you an idea.

I haven't purchased this camera, but a rental for a couple hundred bucks from was totally do-able for our 3 week work/anniversary trip to Mexico. This camera basically fits in the palm of my hands, which makes for an incredibly low profile as you walk through areas you don't want to be showing off your electronics. Take a look at the quick video I cut after a few days of playing with the camera.

I'm definitely not a master colorist, so sometimes the s-log was a bit more annoying in post. Part of my reasoning for choosing to still shoot in it was the increased dynamic range under that Mexican sun. I edited in Adobe Premiere and used Lumetri to start the color with some LUTs. 

Overall this camera has opened my mind to short travel videos and I truly enjoyed it. As a note, I am not being endorsed by Sony for this post in anyway.